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The Community Roundtable's Mission:

To instill a sense of community and pride for the Greater Brandon area through participation, via membership and volunteerism.


Originally known as The Presidents’ Roundtable,  Roundtable Charities of Greater Brandon, Inc., was founded in 1957. and later received the designation of 501(c)(3).

The purpose and mission was to meet with local charity presidents, plan fund-raising events and get the word out about activities and changes within the community.

The Roundtable maintained a community calendar so each non profit could select an exclusive date for their event.  Members shared the information with their groups, educating others about Brandon area activities.

With the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other socially connecting sites on the web, membership make up has changed. We are now an all encompassing group including individual volunteers and businesses along with local charity presidents and membership.

To acknowledge this change and embrace the spirit of what it means to be a non-profit in the 21st century, in 2008 the Board voted to change our name to The Community Roundtable.


The Fourth of July Parade, sponsored by The Community Roundtable for over 50 years, is a tradition enjoyed by generations of families. This is Florida’s largest Independence Day Parade.

The Community Roundtable honors outstanding individuals and organizations. Presentations are made at the Community Affairs Dinner to: a worthy volunteer – the Alice B. Tompkins Community Service award; a charity – the Non Profit of the Year award; and a high school senior – the Maureen Krzanowski Scholarship.

Since 1959, over $500,000 has been donated to Brandon charities raised by the Honorary Mayor’s Race candidates.

Our community involvement includes supporting all area non profits and continuing membership in the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce.

The relationship with Center Place began in 1976 as the new facility’s plans took shape. The Community Roundtable made an initial donation of $6,000 with monies raised from several Honorary Mayor’s Races.


Plans benefitting the greater Brandon area are developing. Input from members, local charities, and volunteers is invaluable as new goals are set.

Become a part of the improvement movement. Share your ideas to assist and support Brandon’s local charities.

We are Making a Difference Together!

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