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In May 2016, three  individuals took on the challenge to run for the title of Honorary Mayor of BrandonCraig Beckinger, Chuck Burgess and George Shea.   They assembled their teams and planned many fund raising events.  (To see all events, click here).  They inspired the community to donate to their causes.   Combined, this trio brought in over $160,000 during their 33-day challenge, from June 1st through 8:00 am, Monday, July 4th. In most other years, Craig and George most likely would have received the mayoral title earning $24,069.41 and $37,000, respectively; however, this was a record breaking year! Chuck Burgess earned the title of 2016 Honorary Mayor of Brandon by announcing that his team’s efforts resulted in the amazing total of $100,500. This figure shatters the prior record of $75,001 set by James Young in 2005.   By contrast, Nat Storms was Brandon’s first Honorary Mayor in 1959 collecting $500.  

An awards ceremony was held in which the candidates delighted in presenting those funds to their selected charities.  Photos of the candidates and their chosen Non-Profits are shown below.

Congratulations to the candidates for their superior efforts, to all who made contributions, and for the positive impact the monies have made to several local charities.  

To learn more about their charities, click the corresponding logos.

craig charities

ECHO of Brandon – $3,610.41





 Trey Curry Foundation  – $2,406.94

trey currey


Beckinger & Outreach Check 2016The Outreach Clinic – $2,406.94

outreach logo






Beckinger & Foundation Check 2016Brandon Foundation – Angel Program – $12,034.71

foundation angel program


george charities

 Newsome Band Boosters – $23,863.80




Shea-Smith & Newsome HS Check 2016Seeds of hope – $2,586.20

seeds of hope logo



Shea-Smith & YMCA Check 2016

Campo YMCA – $5,000.00




chuck charities

Burgess & Rotary Check 2016

Bill Carey Boys and Girls Club – $10,050.00

boys girls logo



Burgess & Rotary ECHO Outreach 2016

Brandon Rotary Club Charity Fund – $10,050.00





Burgess & BSAC Check 2016Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center – $65,325.00




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