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 The Community Roundtable originated the race for the title of  Honorary Mayor of BrandonSM in 1959.   The contest was a means of raising funds for charities in the Brandon community.  

The annual Honorary Mayor’s Race begins June 1st and concludes at 8:00 a.m., the morning of Brandon’s Fourth of July Parade.  The candidate who raises the most dollars (votes) in that 33 day period is named the Honorary Mayor of Brandon and has the honor of riding in the parade.   All monies acquired are then donated to the charities chosen by the candidates, all charities local to the Brandon area.

Though The Community Roundtable designates one person as Brandon’s Honorary Mayor, it is not about individual gratification, it is about supporting local charities and becoming part of a team.  As mayor, during your one-year term, from July 4th through July 3rd, you become a member of The Community Roundtable board.  As a board member, you represent the interests of The Community Roundtable, promote our organization, and bring your experience and suggestions to board meetings to  improve our organization and to help us meet our mission statement:  To instill a sense of community and pride for the Greater Brandon area through participation, via membership and volunteerism.

For information about our most recent race, click here

Below is a list of prior mayors:

If you think you might be interested in running for the position please contact The Community Roundtable at 661-4350 or email us at  An application can be found on our FORMS download pageclick here.


Click here To read the article on Chuck Burgess, the 2016 Honorary mayor of Brandon in The Tampa Bay Times.



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