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Mayor's HatThe race to determine The Honorary Mayor of Brandon for 2016 has begun!

 The candidate raising the most dollars (votes) from June 1st through July 4th is named Honorary Mayor of Brandon.  Starting in June, candidates hold a variety of exciting fund raising events.  Brandon residents are encouraged to attend and support their efforts.   At 8 AM, prior to Brandon’s July Fourth Parade, the candidates and their committees meet with Community Roundtable board members to tally the “votes”.  At that time, each candidate reveals the total dollar amount of their 33-day fund raising efforts.   The candidate presenting the most money is named the 2016 Honorary Mayor of Brandon.  The new mayor is the Community Roundtable’s honored guest, riding in the July Fourth Parade in a convertible with their name and new title affixed to the car.  They also become a board member of  The Community Roundtable for one year.  As a board member and as the Honorary Mayor of Brandon, they promote The Community Roundtable at various gatherings.  The skills of this new board member will be tapped to help improve our charity,  while the new mayor embraces The Community Roundtable traditions.

Each candidate chooses up to three charities as beneficiaries.  In keeping with the Mayoral Race tradition since 1959, 100% of the funds are distributed to only 501(c)(3) charities in the Brandon area.

Brandon charities are fortunate to have these three individuals accept this lofty challenge to vie for the title of Honorary Mayor of Brandon.

Mayor Candidates Alone Web 2016

Craig Beckinger         Chuck Burgess        George Shea

 Click the names  above to see their respective campaign Facebook pages, where details of their events and selected charities can be found.  Information on how to register and purchase tickets to their events are also on their Facebook pages.

Note:  event details for all three candidates can also be found in the Community Calendar on the web site of  The Community Roundtable – click here.







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