How do I add an event to the Community Calendar?

Note: You must be a member of The Community Roundtable to post events to the Community Calendar.

1)  Gather event specific information, preferably in a WORD document to benefit from cut-n-paste.  Collect other photos (JPEG) documents.   To see what fields are available for entry, click here.

2)  From your browser (IE, Foxfire, Chrome?) log on to   

3)  To the right of the logo click on Community Tools > Community CALENDAR 

4)  Click the green button  +Post Your Event

5)  Enter all the information in the fields presented.

6)  Click “Select Image”, navigate to a photo on your computer and click the photo to upload it.

7)  Click  Submit Event >

An email is automatically sent to alerting them that there is an event posted that needs to be reviewed and published.


The event does not show up on the calendar till it is reviewed and approved by the Roundtable. 

Entering reoccurring events and cloning existing events for modification later are both future options.

Exporting events from your current web site calendar and having them imported into the Roundtable web site is a future option.  The events can also go to Facebook…. eventually.





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