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Inaugural Forum – November 2013


Discussion with students and non-profits showed that students needed community service hours and  non-profits needed volunteers, but there was no easy means for one to find the other.

This led to the first annual Community Service Forum sponsored by The Community Roundtable,  held at the Bloomingdale High School cafeteria.

Over 30 non-profits (Contact List 2013) came to the event armed with handouts, information and the hope that they would meet with students eager to serve.

The event became a bigger success than we anticipated.  Over 350 students, many escorted by eager parents, filled the cafeteria.  The attendee line led out the front door to the over filled parking lot.  Because of the large crowd, several non-profits smiled as they “complained” that they ran short of handouts.

After the event, The Community Roundtable received several congratulatory emails by both student attendees and non-profits .  One non-profit created this wonderful large (8.5 x 11″) note of thanks:  CSF Tennis is Fun Thanks

The Community Roundtable offers its thanks to all  non-profits  and other attendees for making this event a big success.

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Second Forum – April 2014

Due to requests from non-profits, instead of waiting a year for the next event, a second Community Service Forum was held at Newsome High School.  Again, the cafeteria was filled with hundreds of students and parents interested in serving their local charities.  NHS College Career Counselor, Linda Hacker, answered questions pertaining to scholarships.  

Life Path Hospice was one of the attending non-profits and shared their success with us via email:

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that since the April Community Service Forum Event event at Newsome High School, I have gotten a large number of teens go through orientation to start working at the thrift store – maybe at least 15 and the calls keep coming.  I am contacting my ad rep at the newspaper to see if they could do a story.  I think running an article would help more kids in the Brandon area know what opportunities are out there.